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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baseball and Vegan Crab Cakes

It's been a roller coaster of a week here in Veganville. Our Veganville Carrot Cake Whoopees soon to be called "Veganville Vhoopees" ve zink, are flying off the shelves. Vhoopee! On the flipping fiddlesticks side, my nephew Sammy and his team, the undefeated (19-0) Mira Costa Mustangs Senior Little League All Stars from Southern California played in the Senior Little League World Series Semi-Finals and were ousted by the Bangor, Maine home boys on their home turf. In my mind I have justified the Mira Costa boys as the true winners since they are the only team to stomp Aruba in Pool Play before Aruba clinched the World Series by trouncing the Bangor, Mainers 8-1. Congratulations to Aruba. Mira Costa- you guys rock! 
My friend and student Mo and I listened to the game and made Maine like fare. Sherry and Sandy the terrific gals over at graciously shared their wicked good, (that's Maine speak), recipe for Vegan Crab Cakes. We used TJ's "21 Salute" herb mix in place of the "Fiesta Mix" blend that Sandy and Sherry used in their recipe. This is a must try! While you are at it make a gallon of Sandy and Sherry's especially yummy tartar sauce to keep in your fridge. Check out their winning recipes. Thanks girls!

Easy Roasted Corn
A few good husked and cleaned fresh corn
A few spritzes of canola oil spray
A few sprinkles of sea salt
A few shakes of herbs of your choice, (we are now stuck on TJ's "21 Salute")

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Generously spritz both sides of corn with canola spray. Now sprinkle, shake and bake. Turn corn midway through cooking time. And please floss in private.


  1. Hey!!!Home from Maine,a lovely state with "wicked"good Laaahbster and crab..We should've kicked"wicked" well rested Butts ...we had some twisted strategies those last two games..I digress!!!! Thank you for rooting so loudly!! I llove you ! and just may try this recipe ! xo Heidi

  2. Very twisted strategies that made moi very sad. I will make when I visit. Love you so much!

  3. The 21 Salute is great on popcorn, too.

  4. I love 21 Salute on popcorn with nooch too! yum.