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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Portrait of a Cake Artist

Marcia Marolt- the Cake Artist

Today is a very special day, kids. It's Veganville's inaugural "Interview Somebody Other Than Myself Day". It wasn't easy coming up with an interviewee who could be as gracious and talented and delusional as me. Trust me there were not a lot of candidates. My mommy disowned me yesterday. She has blocked my number. Anyway, the lovely and multi-talented, dessert decorator extraordinaire Marcia Marolt stepped up to the cake plate and agreed to an interview between naps.

V: Thanx for waking up, Marcia.
M: Good morning.

V: So what are some of the things you and GiGi have made?
M: A mess...But seriously folks, we've made a castle, Halloween cupcakes, witches fingers, (no witches were hurt in the process), Noreen's cakes, the Walk of Shame Barbie cake and more.

V: Where did you learn to make such fancy shmancy cakes?
M: My mommy taught me.

V: What is GiGi's nickname for you?
M: Candypants.

V: Did you draw out a pattern for the character cake above? How do you figure out your cake patterns?
M: I just break it down into shapes mostly, but I did draw a pattern for the boots. I don't know how I figure out my cake patterns. Magic?

V: I understand you are a whiz with a pastry bag.
M: You understand correct, sir.

V: What times do you and GiGi work? How many smoke breaks do you take?
M: Usually GiGi and I work late at night because we are cool like that. I usually take 3 smoke breaks.

V: How do you and GiGi work together?
M: GiGi and I work very well together. We're like the Loggins and Messina of vegan cakery.

V: I understand you have a new terrarium cake and a YouTube show in the works.
M: You understand correct again.

V: On the Noreen Character cake what size pastry tips did you use for the hair, eyes etc?
M: I don't know. I'm moving and my cake tips are in the other place. I do know that the one I used for the hair looks like a garlic press but it's a pastry tip.

V: What are you looking forward to creating with GiGi, besides the terrarium?
M: The next cake I want to do is a Keen style Go Go girl with a groovy dress.

V: What's next for Candypants and Veganville?
M: A nap.

V: What's your favorite thing about collaborating with GiGi?
M: Free food and the laughter. We have a good time.

V: What's your favorite DIY site besides Veganville of course.
M: Etsy.

V: What's your favorite Veganville dessert?
M: They are all yummy but my favorite Veganville treat is the "Sugar and Spice" pumpkin bread.

V: Thanx for the smokin' interview, Marcia.
M: Zzz

Please note that Veganville products are made in a smoke free zone. Marcia goes to the next town to inhale and must take a shower before picking up a pastry bag again.
Veganville and Candypants are always ready to create something for your special occasion.

Note: The Noreen cakes are made with Veganville carrot cake, vegan cream cheese icing and the balloons are gluten free - vanilla cupcakes. After we completed the Noreen cake, there was left over cake. We  came up with the AARP membership cake idea at 2:30 in the morning.  
Come back tomorrow and I'll provide the recipes. Just wanted to leave you with a carrot.


  1. So much creativity in one place. Like Burns and Allen, Lennon and McCartney, Abbott and Costello...

  2. Thank You. Like Me and You. And Marcia and Me.