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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blame it on Meditation

Sometime in January
After a month of old man coughing fits, hives covering my right boob, a wrenched back and a whirlwind visit to Los Angeles where I played a cutthroat game of Password with my geriatric parents, I meditated.
Meditation in itself is nothing new to me. I've been meditating in some shape or form for close to three decades. I used to have one of those top secret mantras I used for a while. It made me hungry and I often passed out. Too much oxygen.
I did mushrooms and meditated in my hot pink flying bird wallpapered bedroom where I was convinced I was on the top of Macchu Piccu, not my mom and dad's house in Massapequa.

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My dad even bought me this book called "Inner Tennis" where the author swore you could improve your overhead if you just visualized and stared at a tennis ball for 40 minutes a day. I tried it and It worked. I won a lot of matches when I wasn't doing psychedelics. Alas, those Carlos Castaneda days are long gone.
So in December amidst the spittle, the phlegm and the two bulging discs I got quiet. I asked God for direction. Just general direction, mind you. No ten commandment, no burning bushes. No no nothing that big, because I was feeling pretty lousy and quite frankly didn't feel up to moving a mountain. I was just asking and hoping for a healing meditation. Just between me and the guy upstairs, a quick connect to remind, Him (big H) I was not doing too good.

Uh God...It's uh me GiGi.
You got a quick minute? Thanks for Obama by the way.
Anyway, I feel like crap. Nothing as bad as a lepper or someone like your gal Mother Theresa might have visited, no nothing like that, but I do have to crawl to get a kleenex . Cough, cough, spittle, spittle.
and then it was like the call was dropped. I hear a rumble and a mumble. Lots of garbling. Uh are you still there? And I hear...
preat duh ceilings
Prea senors (with a tilda)

My ears were pretty clogged. I took a moment and said,
Just hold on God and let me go get a q-tip. Might take a little while God, cause as you know I'm still crawling.
And just like that, I heard...
GiGi the seniors. Train and play the seniors in Tennis. Blog about it. And get your crazy friend Gillette to do it with you.

Well here it is March. Maybe I didn't get all that ear wax out. Because in February God made it rain a lot. The courts were wet, and Gillette's and my finances and writing gigs were dried up.
Me and Gillette got depressed.
So I went back to the baking business.

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